Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Excuse day by h

I've been on a hiatus, for no reason other than I think this heat has completely sapped my will to live.
Instead of hitting you with two weeks worth of pics, I'm just gonna give you the highlights. Spoiler alert: I'm nipping in one or more of these pics

1. Monkey had strep throat last week. All bacteria should die.

2. Monkey took this picture and I think it looks artsy (arty?) and hipsterish

3. Gracie sleeps with her head under the bed, and ass out.

4. I ran a 10k last Saturday in scorching hellish heat. Each time I ran by monkey, mom, Weez and MIL, monkey cried. Here I am trying to console him as he sobs "run momma".

5. After the race I guess a cold front passed through

6. Monkey has new PJs with beawws on them

It feels great to be back! Love you girls!!!

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Amy said...

We missed u! So glad ur back!! I laughed hysterically at your post - well not at Monkey being sickie. Auntie Amy had it too! :-(

Leslie said...

10k? are you nuts??? way to go girl!! hope lil man is all better!